If you’re after specific results- this is the way!

The objectives that a performance (direct response) campaign serves are very different to those of pure awareness activity. They require specific actions from users- a sale, an inquiry, a registration, etc. This is what gives ‘online’ the perfect advantage over other channels – it allows for a seamless interaction between the brand and the consumer and has the ability to drive direct, measurable conversions. Effective communication is at the forefront of our performance strategy; this is why we plan our campaigns on various platforms, depending on the client’s objectives and target audience.


Google AdWords

When it comes to online search campaigns, Google is King. The search engine has become a habit for online users everywhere. Most consumers use it to research a product or service before purchasing or follow up on ads they have seen online. Some users even use Google to get onto Facebook!

The Google AdWords platform allows for detailed targeting and media buying in local and foreign premium sites.

We offer various types of campaigns depending on the nature of your brand:

  • Display: Banners, video-in-banner, text ads
  • Search: Text ads in Google search
  • Remarketing: once users visit your site, they get targeted with your ads anywhere within the Google network of sites
  • YouTube True View – includes pre-roll video formats that can be targeted based on keywords, context or interest categories.

A huge plus for the Google ad network is not only its reach (the enormous inventory of available impressions) which helps raise awareness of your brand, but also the fact you pay per click. Search ads appear on top of or next to organic results and the ability to optimize allows for testing copy, budgets, landing pages, all in real time- crucial for the success of your campaign.

As a Google Certified Partner, the services we offer in AdWords include:

  • Creating, managing and optimizing campaigns in Google
  • Keyword selection
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising depending on campaign objectives
  • Precise targeting for driving conversions
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Detailed reporting and analysis


Facebook Ads

There are now 3 Million Facebook users in Bulgaria. The huge success of the platform has attracted many advertisers who strive to engage potential customers and achieve desired objectives.

Facebook’s ad platform allows for many different, highly-visible ad formats, each of which is classified based on specific KPIs- Page Likes, Clicks to Website, App Installs, App Engagement, Page Post Engagement, Website Conversions, Reach, etc. Facebook also offers remarketing and is an effective sales channel. In addition, Facebook offers advertisers high reach for ads that can be bought on a CPC or CPM basis.

We offer:

  • Creating integrated Facebook campaigns centered around specific objectives
  • Creating and testing various creative formats
  • Real-time monitoring and optimization
  • Detailed analysis and reporting on the effectiveness of all campaigns



Search Engine Optimization- optimization which allows for your site to appear in higher positions organically on search engines. Interactive Share offers onsite optimization to help brands rank in top positions on for key search terms and thereby increase traffic to our clients’ sites

For effective site optimization we offer:

  • Full audits (SEO, technical)
  • Keyword list build-up
  • Image optimization
  • Video content optimization
  • A chance to become a market leader
  • Assistance and consultation

How do we make SEO work?

  • Detailed research of all relevant campaign keywords
  • Thorough analysis of the structure of the site and its content to make it SEO-friendly
  • Analysis of the competition
  • Preparation of detailed briefs for site structure and source code optimization
  • Analysis of the current link and URL structure
  • Title, description and keyword optimization
  • Optimizing other sections of the site where necessary and creating new content
  • Creating a full link-building program to popularize various sections of the site
  • Monitoring progress via detailed monthly reporting


Mobile Communication

Small screen - big opportunities! Smartphones give advertisers the ability to be right in the hands of consumers on the move, more so than any other channel. There are a multitude of ways to help brands interact with current and potential customers on a daily basis – app downloads, click to call, click to watch a video on YouTube, email and SMS/MMS messaging are just a few.

Globally, mobile marketing communication (in the form of mobile ads, apps, video, etc.) has replaced many traditional channels and is on its way to replacing desktop entirely (in terms of ad spend and usage). On top of mirroring desktop functionality (surfing on the net, ecommerce, video, search engines, social media, etc.) mobile has some unique advantages- geolocation, specialized apps, and of course, standard phone functions.

From an advertising perspective, smartphones have received much less attention from marketers in Bulgaria, making it fairly easy for brands to gain high SOV and stronger response rates in this market compared to other platforms.

We can build your mobile campaigns using the following platforms:

  • Google AdMob – a part of the Google AdWords platform, which allows advertisers to target by OS, Device-type, Geolocation, App-type and more.
  • Facebook Mobile Ads – the ads appear on the Newsfeed of users who have logged in via a smartphone device.

In order to be effective on mobile we offer:

  • Mobile banners- creative & production
  • Building a full mobile campaign strategy
  • Real-time monitoring and optimization
  • Detailed analysis and reporting of all measurable results and campaign metrics

Mobile communication allows for countless ways to capture and engage your target audience, not only through effective mobile ads but also via standalone applications which offer incremental value to both customers and brands.


Email Marketing

Although email marketing, as a channel, may look outdated, in the light of newer channels, it remains an essential part of the online marketing mix. If executed correctly, email marketing can be highly effective in terms of results and cost-efficiency. Newsletters should be sent out to targeted databases of potential or existing customers who have opted in to receive a brand’s correspondence. To understand how effective this channel can be, measurable KPIs should be set from the beginning – open rate, clicks, traffic to your website, sales, etc. The timing, relevancy and personalization of your messages is of paramount importance and regular optimization should be applied.

Our email marketing campaigns include:

  • Design and programming of HTML newsletters
  • Copywriting
  • Sending out to client’s own or corporate email lists
  • Detailed analysis and reporting of the campaign’s effectiveness

It is true, that this type of marketing method is undergoing constant changes and improvement, but it is here to stay. Innovators in this field are those brands that find new and interesting ways to use this channel to capture audiences and achieve results. We are ready to turn email marketing into something new, fun and engaging that leads to specific results.



If we look at marketing trends in modern markets, one can notice the prevailing usage of online ad exchanges. Real Time Bidding (RTB) allows marketers to bid for the impressions they’d like to purchase in real time (just like a stock exchange). RTB connects global exchanges of sites selling their inventory with marketers who plug into demand side platforms (DSPs) to purchase impressions in real time. This method allows for the most precise targeting- letting you purchase those exact users who will bring you the most revenue. This means less impression wastage and more cost-efficient results compared to awareness campaigns.

For RTB campaigns we offer:

  • Defining objectives and precise targeting
  • Creative (banners and landing pages)
  • Campaign creation
  • Real-time optimization and A/B testing
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Ad Serving
  • 24/7 support
  • Real-time statistics
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Contextual retargeting
  • Regular analysis and reporting

RTB is a cost-efficient ad platform that allows marketers to purchase display inventory in real-time in a more targeted, cost-efficient way, giving them 100% control over their campaigns.