Content is the King!

The key to consumers’ hearts is engaging content. It must be unique, original, relevant, educational, fun and timely in order to captivate audiences. This kind of engaging content should not be imposed on consumers; it should attract them and prompt them to share it with their friends.

Social media presence is no longer an innovation; it is now a must-have for any brand that wants to connect, communicate and engage with consumers. It is the platform through which users can ask questions, share opinions and information and give feedback to the brands they use. Consumers are no longer there to consume- they create content (through blogs, Facebook statuses, videos, pictures and reviews). Every company can take advantage of social media platforms and show their brand’s personality- fun, informative, competent and charismatic.

Due to the importance of effective, two-way communication between brands and their customers we offer corporate Facebook page management which include the following activities:

  • Active communication with fans on a daily basis
  • Communication of promotions; new information; offers
  • Provoking a desire to purchase
  • Branded content creation
  • Image and publication design
  • Agency proposals on new topics, content, posts and frequency of publications, set against concrete targets and historic results
  • Optimization and report on the effectiveness of the page

Communication in social media is measurable against numerous targets and KPIs- it is exactly this measurability that gives brands incremental value. These include: Reach, Engagement Rate, Talking About This, Total Impressions, Viral Reach, Response Rate and Edge Rank.

We understand these statistics and know how to achieve them to get the maximum out of social media.