Creating an awareness campaign

You want your audience to hear you? Be creative! This is about using digital display (banner ads) as a channel, to let people know about your brand. The formats available to you are getting even more original, creative and inspiring. And they have to be! How else can they compete in an industry, where hundreds of advertisers are dying for the attention of consumers?

If you’re looking to get your message across to the right audience, we know where to find it!

Planning a display campaign correctly can increase the effectiveness of your message exponentially. We use a little bag of tricks to help you find the right audience – affinity index, page views and audience composition are just a few of the tools to track all of our campaigns.

You’d like a well-optimized campaign? We know how!

Thanks to our successful partnerships with key publishers, we are able to offer preferential rates on media placements. In addition, we use third-party software (Gemius AdServing) to track all our campaigns and make sure we are getting your full money’s worth. Finally, to ensure our campaigns are as cost-effective as possible, we monitor, optimize and test (in the form of A/B testing) on a regular basis.