Best Contract Marriage Japanese Drama

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Contract marriage Japanese drama has become a popular genre for viewers looking for a romantic comedy to satisfy their entertainment needs. This particular genre revolves around two individuals who enter into a fake marriage for various reasons. Most of the time, these marriages are arranged for business purposes, to solve personal problems, or to cover up their true relationship status.

Here are some of the best contract marriage Japanese drama that you might want to add to your watchlist:

1. “Marriage Contract” – This drama explores the story of a wealthy man who has to get married to inherit his grandfather`s company. He then decides to marry one of his female employees, who is in desperate need of money to pay off her father`s debt.

2. “The Marriage Counselor” – This drama delves into the story of a marriage counselor who is married for convenience with her childhood friend. The two of them use their fake marriage as a tool to help their clients save their own marriages.

3. “Happy Marriage” – This drama follows the story of a successful businessman who is forced into an arranged marriage with a quirky and free-spirited girl. Despite their initial struggles, they eventually fall in love and learn to appreciate each other`s differences.

4. “We Married as a Job!” – This drama explores the story of a single woman who is struggling to find a job. She then decides to work as a fake wife in order to earn a living. She is then tasked with the responsibility of being a wife to a difficult and demanding man.

5. “My Husband Oh Jak Doo” – This drama combines elements of a contract marriage and a rural romance. It explores the story of two individuals who enter into a fake marriage after a woman`s family threatens to take away her inheritance if she doesn`t marry within a certain period.

These dramas are not only entertaining but also provide valuable lessons on love and relationships. They showcase the importance of communication, trust, and understanding in any relationship. If you`re looking for a good laugh and some heartwarming moments, then these contract marriage Japanese dramas are definitely worth watching.

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