Нет Инфо.БГ си търсят ново CEO, има ли кандидати?

Публикувана на 15.01.2009

Преди малко докато разглеждах LinkedIn попаднах на много интересна обява за работа.

Нет Инфо.БГ си тъсят ново CEO !!!! Ето и линк към обявата.

Както можете да се досетите, изискванията към кандидата са огромни, ето част от инфото за позицията, инфо за компанията и инфо за това какъв човек трябва да бъде кандидата:

Type: Full-time
Experience: Executive
Functions: Management, General Business
Industries: Information Services, Internet, Consumer Services, Entertainment
Posted: January 7, 2009
Pay Range: 80,000 BGN – 100,000 BGN Per Year
Pay Description: Above is just base. Shares and bonuses.
Referral Bonus: 5,000 BGN for Anyone

Както виждате от последният ред по-горе има бонус от 5 000 лв. за всеки един от вас, който препоръча човек който в последствие стане CEO на най-голямата медийна група у нас.

Ето и пълният текст на обявата, предупреждавам много е дълъг, но за сметка на това много интересени неща има в текста:

Job Description

At the helm of a very dynamic and flat organization in a fast-moving industry, the CEO will have the primary task of steering the Company ably and with a vision to assure that Net Info remains the undisputed leader in the space and sets the pace of development in the market. The key areas of focus for the CEO will be as follows.

In the ever-changing digital environment, where technological developments and new business models can create competitors overnight, having a strategic vision, combined with an ability to quickly assess new threats and opportunities and change course if necessary will be a key factor of success for the CEO. About 30 to 40% of the CEO’s time will be devoted to this area. The key responsibilities for the CEO will be:
• Develop and communicate a five-year strategic plan, based on a thorough understanding of the industry and its future development
• Translate this plan into executable steps with half to one year increments
• Review the plan at least once a year and adjust according to the environment and the organizational capabilities
• Rally up the employees to work towards the five-year goal
• Constantly review and optimize the product portfolio of the company to assure the needed balance between profitability and investment for the future
• Work with brand and product managers to assure timely delivery of products according to the plan and of the desired quality and technological level
• Oversee all business relationships, including the initiation of new ones and the renegotiation of existing partner arrangements, as needed to deliver the strategic vision (together with the business development manager)
• Represent the company in all existing and future trade associations and organizations (e.g., Nielsen Online)
• Coordinate the strategy and leverage the resources of the parent company Sanoma Magazines International, including cooperation with digital media units in Netherlands, Hungary, etc.
• Steer the CSR and PR policy of the Company and be available to represent Net Info in the public sphere

Net Info’s organization constantly evolves as the Company grows and the environment changes. The key challenge is to maintain a flat and flexible organization that can respond fast to the changing environment, while having the needed structures to move forward a company of 100+ individuals. The selection process is of utmost importance in assuring the right attitude and motivation in a seemingly unstructured, entrepreneurial environment. Another 30 to 40% of the CEO’s time will be devoted to this area. The main responsibilities of the CEO will be:
• Constantly monitor and review organizational processes and structures to optimize the effectiveness of the all resources (human or other); Net Info’s organization is a living organism and needs change to remain fresh and mobilized
• Garner support for organizational changes among the heads of teams and functional heads
• Work closely with the HR manager to stay in tune with the organizational life, especially the informal organizational life, which is key to Net Info’s success
• Participate actively in the selection process and interview each candidate to assure fit with the organization
• Improve internal communication, so that everyone remains involved on a very high level
• Develop together with the HR manager programs to increase employee satisfaction and self-identification with the goals of the Company
• Spend significant time with all direct reports in order to assure synchronization of everyone’s efforts and adequate distribution of responsibility throughout the organization
• Develop the managerial skills and qualifications of direct reports; goal-based approach to development is preferred
• Be prepared to deal with personal circumstances and find solutions for valuable employees
• Be an example for the necessary work ethic and organizational behavior

As advertising budgets in Bulgaria are still determined to a great extent on the basis of personal relationships and meetings in which status matters, the CEO will have a task to be of help to the sales team by lending institutional support and facilitating negotiations with key agencies, media shops and advertisers. About 10 to 20% of the CEO’s time will be needed in this area. The key tasks are:
• Annual budget negotiations with top agencies, media shops and advertisers
• Support to sales team by calling marketing directors, agency heads or CEO’s to facilitate meetings and sales contracts
• Spending time at industry events (FARA, etc.) and maintaining relationships outside the formal business settings with key decision makers
• Personal involvement in negotiations which have stalled or in which status is needed to arrive at the desired result

Finance and Administration

While most of the work in this area is handled by the Finance and HR/Admin Directors, the CEO will have involvement in several key tasks (about 10% to 20% of the time). The responsibilities include:
• Oversee and lend support for the timely completion of the annual budgeting process
• Monitor and facilitate if necessary the semi-annual performance review processes
• Participate in salary determination of the staff and where needed discuss decisions with employees
• Review closely the performance of the company on a daily basis, and together with the Finance Director, analyze monthly reports and determine actions based on these reports

The candidate for the position needs to have the following qualifications:
• Strong leadership abilities to motivate teams of professionally successful and strong-willed individuals around strategic goals
• Entrepreneurial personality that inspires and enthuses people
• Proven team-building skills that lead to relationships of trust and mutual reliance, arising from a mixture of natural authority and respect for the individual
• Unyielding professional will manifesting itself in an action-oriented and result-oriented style
• Natural humility and an ability to connect with every individual – strong interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence
• High level of energy
• Hands-on approach – if needed, readiness to take charge and affect change
• Flexibility and adaptability, resulting from a capability to function well in unstructured, fast-moving environments
• Strategic vision and desire to change the world for the better
• Strong execution skills, combined with an ability to solve complex organization-wide problems
• High moral integrity and unfaltering personal ethic

In addition, the candidate needs to meet the following criteria:

• Speaks fluent Bulgarian and English; preferably a Bulgarian national
• Strong educational background – MBA or equivalent
Company Description

Net Info. BG Ad (“Net Info” or “Company”) is the leading Bulgarian Internet player. With 2.2 million monthly users, it has close to 90% market reach. It is the leading digital provider of web mail (abv.bg), video sharing (vbox7.com) and news (netinfo.bg, sportni.bg) among others. All in all, Net Info operates close over 15 properties and manages another 10+ for third parties.

The Company had a consolidated revenue of €3 million in 2008 with about 30% market share in the online advertising segment. In the last 5 years, Net Info has recorded over 50% revenue growth, maintaining its position as the market leader. Both the market and the Company are expected to grow at a rapid clip, following the trend in most developed western countries.

A premier task for Net Info is to evolve from an Internet company into a true digital player on all available platforms. The development of a mobile and broadband businesses are key in this respect.

Lastly, Net Info is the first Internet company in Bulgaria, which has started to systematically develop brands around its products in a bid to assure its long-term staying power as the digital industry evolves and the competitive space solidifies.

Вие как мислите? Познавате ли такъв човек? А самите Вие дали не отговаряте на тази изисквания. Аз лично се замислих чисто в теория на вероятностите разбира се, дали не бих могъл аз да бъда този човек. Естествено тази мисъл дойде и си замина за около 2 сек. – отговора ви е ясен нали :) Аз лично не отговарям на много от изискванията.

Замислих се за хората които познавам и знам че има донякъде нужният опит, но и те не покриват всички изисквания. По този начин стигнах до извода, че всъщност колегите от Нет Инфо.БГ не са пуснали тази обява, за да намерят наистина CEO а по-скоро за да съберат данни на много кадърни и интелигентни хора, тоест всичко това е много добра стратегия за намиране на хора. Замислете се как обикновено се намира човек, който да бъде мениджър на много голяма компания. Дали става с обява за работа, или се търси в определен кръг хора? Как всъщност се намира човек за такава позиция? Това е интересен въпрос и си заслужава човек да се замисли.

Как аз бих търсил такъв човек: първо бих потърсил първо хора в компанията, дали те са подходящи за тази позиция. Няма смисъл да изброявам защо един човек от компанията е подходящ нали? Също така бих се огледал на пазара, дали познавам
някой човек, който има подобен опит или има огромни познания върху пазара и т.н. След това бих потърсил и в чужбина, защото там има хора които определено има какво ново да дадат на компания особено ако е от пазарите където интернет е вече лидер, нещо което вътрешен човек не би могъл да направи. Разбира се този човек ще иска голямо парично възнаграждение което е пречка а и няма да има реалният поглед върху пазара ни, въпреки че колегите му ще му помогнат. Друг вариант според мен е да се вземе човек от друг медиен канал. Някой успял, някой с голям опит в менажиране на компании от такава величина. Сигурен съм че има и други начини за търсене на хора.

И все пак ако вие препоръчате някой, може да спечелите 5 000лв., което не е за изпускане :)

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  1. Liddi
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    Ако една компания търси ново CEO отвън компанията то обикновено го прави много тихо и обикновено през една от многото т.н. executive search firms. И съм абсолютно съгласен, че първо трябва да се гледа вътре в компанията. А може би те вече са го направили и са решили, че външен човек е по добрия вариант?

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    Брей :) Марто, хайде препоръчай ме и да почваме, то се е видяло :)

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